Event held on October 12

Oktoberfest At Bar Centrale

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Event runs from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Daily, until 12/10/2019


Coming up soon, is Oktoberfest, Where you can eat, delicious foods, with lots of zest! Weiner Schnitzel and sauteed cabbage on the side, is quite a popular dish. There's so much to choose from, they're there for you, if you wish! Not to forget German potato salad, with bacon and for dessert, their famous Apple Strudel. Thinking of all these delicious things, simply rocks my noodle! Beer is essential, as what would it be, without a stein or two? It helps to keep you happy and it's also good, for you! It's a merry time for all, as everyone, is in a glorious mood. How, can you not feel this way, when you're surrounded by, all this delicious food? So eat and be merry and enjoy this time, of the year. For that's the time you'll be waiting, for Oktoberfest, to appear!"