Event held on January 15

Finke: There and Back - Geraldton

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Event runs from 6:15 PM to 8:00 PM


Proudly presented by Harley Davidson, Adventure Entertainment is taking "Finke: There and Back" on the road and riding full throttle. For the riders, the spectators and the town of Alice Springs, the Finke Desert Race is more than a race - it's a religion! "Finke: There and Back" delves below the surface to uncover what makes them tick, what drives them to put their lives on the line when they strap their helmets on. Paraplegic Isaac Elliott is attempting to complete the race that he started a decade earlier. Scruff Hamill, who lives in a shed full of bikes in Sydney, makes the trip to tick off a bucket list event. Meanwhile, the factory race teams at the head of the field, fight for pride and to be named "King of the Desert". In this series of live stage events, the filmmakers and riders hit the stage together to describe in detail why this event is the most-loved race in the country and why this film is such an important film to watch for anyone who loves motor sports. Entry Cost Adult $13 - AUD13 - Senior AUD16 - Adult Child $13